The original drawings in this gallery were completed in 2011. They are 10 x 14 inches, pastel and ink on Aquarelle Arches paper, and priced at $350 unframed.

Giclee prints of these drawings are also available. Each is in a limited editions of 10 in the following sizes: 10 x 14 inches for $150, or 18 x 24 inches for $200.

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<b>Butterfly Broken Upon a Wheel</b>
Butterfly Broken Upon a Wheel

<b>La Danse Dangereuse</b>
La Danse Dangereuse

<b>Strawberry Fields, Central Park</b>
Strawberry Fields, Central Park

<b>Butterfly Dreams</b>
Butterfly Dreams

<b>San Antonio Rose</b>
San Antonio Rose

<b>Blowing in the Wind</b>
Blowing in the Wind

<b>Tie Me Up, Tie Me Down</b>
Tie Me Up, Tie Me Down

<b>Trees in Winter</b>
Trees in Winter

<b>Yearning to Fly</b>
Yearning to Fly

<b>Bird in Hand</b>
Bird in Hand




<b>Galveston, 2008</b>
Galveston, 2008

<b>Katrina, 2005</b>
Katrina, 2005

<b>White Rabbit</b>
White Rabbit


<b>Don't Cry for Me, Argentina</b>
Don't Cry for Me, Argentina

<b>Napa Evening</b>
Napa Evening

<b>A Different Drummer</b>
A Different Drummer